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Services offered to Companies

Services offered to Candidates


Placements: Candidates shall be contacted directly by us in case we have a client mandate suiting their profile. This service is Free and there is no charge from candidate for placements.


Resume Registration via email: Candidates wanting to register their resume with us for a suitable opening that may come up with us in future may mail in their resume on any of our consultant mail ID's. Email registration of resume is Free


Resume Registration in Office (Face to Face meeting with our Consultant): In case candidates want to meet a Recruitment Consultant in our office face to face to hand over their resume and wish to explain theirpersonal profile and the opportunities theywish to seek, they may do so at a fee of Rs. 1000/=


Career Consultation: In case candidates want any advice related to their career, e.g. how to effectively look out for jobs in the job market, How to negotiate salaries effectively, interviewing tips etc., they may seek our advice thru a personal meeting or on the phone. The fee structure for this would be:

  @ Rs. 2500/= for fresher's and candidates upto 1 year experience
  @ Rs. 5000/= for candidates with 1+ year experience

Resume Creation: The most important step in getting a job is getting in the door for an interview. A resume that stands out from others is the best thing you can do to get that opportunity. Job placement still comes down to what you have to offer (e.g. skills, experience, accomplishments), but presenting yourself in the best light available is key.


We can create a simple, succinct and effective resume that covers all relevant information about the candidate in the least number of pages so that it attracts an employer's attention in a single glance, at the same time highlighting all the key skills and achievements relevant on date.

The cost of hiring a professional resume creationagency is small considering the money already invested in one's job preparation (e.g. many years in college for graduation / post graduation / professional courses), as well as the importance of a good resume in securing that dream job.

  Rs. 2500 for fresher's and candidates upto 1 year experience
  Rs. 3500 for candidates with 1 - 5 years of experience
  Rs. 5000/= for candidates with 5+ years of experience

(All fees are payable in advance and are non refundable, however we shall go out of the way to ensure that each person is satisfied with the services provided)


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