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"Executive Recruitment" is a specialized form of management consulting. Its purpose is to assist executives of a client organization in defining executive positions, identifying well-qualified and motivated candidates, and selecting those best suited through comprehensive, quality assured search processes.

Executive Recruitment is widely recognized as an indispensable service to organizations worldwide and is generally built on relationships. Like professionals in the fields of law, public accounting and general management consulting, executive recruitment consultants have a profound influence on the organizations they serve.

At "The Recruiters" we follow the following hiring process to service our clients' executive recruitment needs:


Understand the client needs thoroughly and create job descriptions for each position using our pre-defined formats.


Assist the client to help us in identifying critical competencies for the position. We aim to closely understand the competence and retention factors for each client requirement and incorporate the same in our hiring process.


Identify areas, institutions, sectors and companies to source the candidates that best match the clients needs.


Source suitable candidates through headhunting, our own advertising, or through our exhaustive databases. We can also undertake a comprehensive advertisement campaign on behalf of a client and manage the entire response if the client so wishes.


Screen each candidate on the competencies identified, expectation match in terms of candidates aspirations vis-a-vis the job, apart from making an assessment of the stability of the candidate before putting forth a candidate to a client.


Schedule interviews with the client at the client's venue or at our office.


Client feedback on the process, as well as the productivity of our candidates post hire, shall help us to continuously upgrade and streamline the hiring process.


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